My Top 10 Jenny Songs
10. Jenny Says -- Cowboy Mouth

Catchy. That's all.

9. Jenny Gotta Dance -- Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers are classic! Everyone needs a good Bay City Rollers song.

8. Jenny Don't Be Hasty -- Paolo Nutini

I first heard this song on a Jackson Gap playlist; for the month we played that all I heard were "Jenny, stop being hasty" jokes from the staff.

7. 867-5309 (Jenny Jenny) -- Tommy Tutone

Damn you, Tommy Tutone! This song has been demoted for instigating endless jokes about my phone number. For example, this is a common conversation:
Me: Wait, you don't have my number.
Them: No, I do.
Me: *quizzical look*
Them: 867-5309! Hahahaha!
Me: *roll eyes*

6. Jenny was a Friend of Mine -- The Killers

I saw them in an old warehouse in downtown SLC before they were famous. They hadn't even released their first album yet. Ask Jessie, she was there.

5. Jenny Wren -- Paul McCartney

Bonus points for being rare. You can't find this sucker anywhere.

4. Jenny Again -- Tunng

Beautiful song.

3. Jenny -- The Mountain Goats

So Jenny isn't mentioned by name in this song at all, but I love the Mountain Goats anyway.

2. 27 Jennifers -- Mike Doughty

This counts because he goes through Jennifers, Jens and Jennys. If I recall correctly, he ends up with a Jen. It also makes me laugh because the year I was born, my two name combo (Jenny Lynn) was the most common two name girl combo for newborns. There were zillions of Jennys, Jens and Jennifers in my classes ever since.

1. Jenny -- Flight of the Conchords

Best Jenny song ever. It even has a live performance video that I will post here later.



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