DNC 2008
Good news! Even though I tried everything to get to the Democratic National Convention in Denver and failed miserably, my friend Renelle was tapped at the last minute to volunteer with Studio 08 (formerly the Democratic News Service). Renelle is a fellow Obama-phile and current Park Ranger in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park with an addiction to exotic chocolate; but this week she will be "greeting senators/governors/Obama's people/etc. as they come in for interviews... running all over the stadium tracking down those same people if they're late for the interviews and politely (but forcefully) shepherding them into the studio." Perhaps we should lend her our shepherd's staff from Sundance 08 (according to McCain, Obama IS one of the biggest celebrities in the world so it should work the same eh?)

She has already run into Anderson Cooper and a whole slew of other anchors, but her goal is to meet Chris Matthews and MY goal for her is to meet Keith Olbermann for me. They are co-anchoring MSNBC's "The Place For Politics" coverage of the DNC every night this week starting at 7pm EST, so that should kill two birds with one stone! The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is also there all week running amuck through the streets of Denver. Wish I was there!
Waiting for that Magic Text Message

Who else has spent the past few days literally hanging onto their cell phone 24/7 willing it to buzz? Or sleeping with their phone next to them hoping for that early morning (3 am? Haha!) alarm of the tidalwave of text messages from the Obama campaign releasing the name of his VP selection?

Every news organization has spent the past week or so reading every possible tea leaf they can get their hands on with the hopes of deciphering who the magic choice will be; everything from how many bagels Sen. Joe Biden hands out to reporters on his front lawn to the intonation of Sen. Obama's frequent quotes of "I know but I'm not telling" have been gone through with a fine toothed comb. The latest, and possibly most helpful, description of said VP choice came from Sen Obama himself, saying that he/she will be someone who is:

"...independent...feisty...stand up to him in the WH...help the economy...ready to be President..."

The short list every news outlet is giving: Sen. Joe Biden who is known for mouthing off, Sen. Bye of Indiana, and Gov. Tom Kaine of Virgina which is a huge swing state

MY short list: Sen. Joe Biden who is known for mouthing off (and buying breakfast for stakeout reporters), our dear favorite former Wicked Witch of the West, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and our favorite Nobel Peace Prize and Oscar-winning former VP Al Gore.

For some reason, my gut is telling me that he's going to pick Hillary. Which would actually be pretty cool if she would only leave the hubby at home and back the hell off and not try to run a co-presidency. Who will it be? It's kind of like having a huge present under the Christmas tree for weeks before Christmas and not being allowed to open it. You can shake it, poke at it, ask a zillion obnoxious questions, but wait for that moment when someone (he? she? it? cat? dog? bagels? Bill?) jumps out of the box and yells "Surprise!"

UPDATE: I couldn't get the light on my cell to stay on long enough to take a picture, so I pilfered one. Keep in mind the time in the pic is EST, my phone buzzed at 1:09 am.
Bad McGee!
Heyyy lookee at this, I can embed NCIS scenes! Sweet.

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Keith Olbermann -- Special Comment
I watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC on a regular basis because he is extremely intelligent, thinks fast and is actually pretty darn handsome. His show is not for the weak at heart, the ulta right wing Republican or anyone who is easily angered. However, his recent 10 minute Special Comment diatribe on McCain's recent campaign blunders was so sharp and so honest that I wanted to share it. Watch at your own risk, my dear Republican friends. (Go Obama!)

Butterfly Lake excursion
Wyatt and I spent the weekend at Butterfly and Mirror Lakes in the High Uintas, here are some pics...

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Apparently Google is having issues
A bunch of my images have gone MIA and logging into the backend of Blogger has been a royal pain. A couple days ago, Gmail account holders (including me) couldn't get into their email. Now if you go to the Blogger Help Group forums for help with blogging issues, you can't get into half of the forums because it says they no longer exist, when they were working fine yesterday. Think for a minute what would happen if Google was hacked or totally crashed.... I have always been against completely digitizing every part of life because of what could happen when someone pulled the plug. Americans wouldn't know how to function without their internet or computers. Take down the entire global network and see what would happen.

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