"The Love Triangle" by Leia Bell

In memoriam of the final season of LOST, 16 artists were commissioned to create their own custom piece of art related to the show.  Salt Lake City local favorite, Leia Bell, was one of them.  Unfortunately, all 300 prints sold out in a matter of minutes, which makes Jenny a sad panda.

To see the other LOST-inspired art, go to http://www.damoncarltonandapolarbear.com/.
Moving With Jenny!
Moving With Jenny entails the following events:

1. Snow, rain, sleet or hail

2. Playing Jenga with IKEA furniture

3. Breaking at least one thing on at least one piece of furniture

4. A massive sense of guilt for not yet paying up on my last "please help me move and I will make you **insert food object here**" bribe

5. At least one helper cursing me out for owning "so many *bleeping* books"

6. Real life experiences of the following clips, with every line quoted

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