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Wildlife of Florida: An Observation
The wildlife of Florida are extremely different from the wildlife of Utah and Wyoming. That is my observation. I'm used to seeing moose, deer, rabbits, ravens that could pick up small dogs, even random bears. Florida does not have these. Florida has peacock crossings, manatee areas and shark sightings. Amphibians run rampant. Turkey vultures chase you to your car (yes, turkey vultures.) The "Sea Pest" over the weekend was Man o'War. Apparently they swim in swarms and have the power to close down entire beaches....In fact, there is so much wildlife running amuck that I was shocked to see not one item of roadkill. (I swear Utahns stalk deer and purposely run them down in their cars. At least in Summit County.)

<------Exhibit A: Mystery Wildlife
I assume it is some sort of aquatic species, what with having a tail and all, but what exactly is it? Was it right side up or upside down? Was it dead or just mostly dead?
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Who I Met While Waiting For The Bus

But I wanted to name my imp
I decided to roll a blood elf warlock a few weeks back and finally have the time to play her. I already have my 70 rogue (FORT!) and I am way too impatient to play anything non-DPS. But I wanted to give the spell-casting a go and I figured the 'lock was a good idea. I could even have my dagger (stab! stab!). I was so excited when I got my imp (hello DPS) but why don't I get to name my imp? Why does the game choose a stupid name like Karqua? I liked Guild Wars where I named my bear Bart. Bart was awesome. As Jadeblue increased in levels, Bart increased in size until he was comparable to a small car. I miss Bart.
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Things that must go
X96's morning radio show (Radio from Hell), has a fabulous segment they do every Wednesday entitled "Things That Must Go." One week it will be the DJs' list of things that must go, the next week they read the lists of listeners. As I have been a fan of Radio From Hell (Kerry, Bill and Gina) for many years (5), I have heard many lists and many things that just really need to go. I consider this segment absolutely fabulous, as it reminds me that pretty much everyone (at least those who listen to a show called "Radio From Hell") is easily irritated, onrery and grumpy like me.

And now, I bring you my current Top 5 list of Things That Must Go. Enjoy.

5. Drivers that block an entire lane in a parking lot with their blinker on, waiting for someone currently loading their car to leave so they can take their spot. You are causing a major traffic jam by doing that, so unless you have small kids or a wheelchair, keep on drivin'. It won't kill you to walk another few feet to the store. God gave you legs for a reason.

4. Hotel guests who insist on 5 wakeup calls every 10 minutes. I am not a freakin' snooze button. There is one of those on the alarm clock in your room.

3. People with pimped out monster trucks who never tow or haul anything. W-A-S-T-E.

2. The entire Alliance guild Misfit Toys on the Emerald Dream World of Warcraft server. 'Nuff said.

1. The construction company that blocks our driveway every morning then swears at us when we ask them to move. We've done this same dance every morning all summer! This is not brand new information!
Jenny's Adventures
Back in college, a verbal history was started entitled "Jenny's Adventures." By the end of 4 years at the University of Utah, Jenny's Adventures had somewhere around 20+ chapters, many with co-authors, footnotes, subtitles and references. When I joined the real working world, Jenny's Adventures was left by the wayside and forgotten. Then I started a blog, mainly for pure kicks and giggles, but starting the blog reminded me of those Adventures...and oh, what adventures they were. There was the vulture and the schmuck, the endless parade of oddball roommates, and the autopsy stench that would never leave.

Even though it has only been 5 years since I graduated, I have forgotten most of my stories and adventures. It makes me sad to realize that I can forget so much in such a short period. At this rate, what am I going to remember when I'm 70 or 80? Who besides me cares, anyway? So I am blogging mainly for myself and my own sanity, but also anyone who knows me knows well enough that I love to tell stories. That is how Jenny's Adventures started in the first place. Now I call it Kamikaze Adventuring.....because galavanting into Feralas as a level 20 is a BAD IDEA.
Aw, your blog is so cute
Everyone is coming up with these cute pretty fabulously detailed blogs lately. Its the new scrapbooking. So just because I want to be like everyone else, I am changing my rarely-used, depressingly dark blog to something with a little more color. Because I definitely need more brown in my wardrobe.
It's Like a Vyris
3 of my MySpace Top 8 have announced their engagement this week. THIS WEEK. All via text messages as well. Good hell people! Hasn't anyone seen Blood Diamond? Ok that was a joke. But still. Eegads. What an onslaught. (But I'm very happy for all of them.)
I have to do HOW many pushups?
To join the FBI, you have to jump through a series of hurdles. Flaming, 10 ft tall hurdles. Not the least of which is the fabulous Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Requirements of this test are pretty standard....for Navy SEALS. In all my horrific years of high school P.E., I was never once taught how to do a standard pushup. Those were for the guys. Girls got to do the "wussy" knee pushups. This has presented a conundrum of sorts, as at the age of 27, I STILL cannot do a standard pushup.

This is now a huge problem, because in order to score the minimum of 1 point in the pushup category, I have to do 14. FOURTEEN! WTF??? High school PE was a TOTAL waste of time. Why were they having us play table tennis when we could have been learning real life skills, like Navy SEAL standard pushups?
Yes, I'm a geek. I have a blog now. First Myspace, then linkup, now a blog.

Blogs are so self-centered, its all about you. Always. Hmm. Well, so are journals and I really don't have time to write in one so....I'm going to give this a go.