Apartment hunting with pets over 30 lbs sucks.
I really, really hate looking for an apartment. I have a cat and a 75 lb black lab mix dog and it is pretty damn near impossible to find a liveable apartment on the east side of town that has working plumbing and fully intact walls while not charging an arm and a leg for deposits and rent. Seriously, what the hell? I hate this. I have gone through this numerous times since I moved out of the dorms six years ago and after I got Wyatt it got multiple times worse. Yeah, he's 75 pounds and a mix of black lab and something and a previously abused rescue who everyone loves but is he allowed in an apartment? Noooooooooooooo. He's been in apartments with me since I first got him, he doesn't need a yard! Why is this hard to comprehend that large dogs don't need their own freakin yard? I'm not one of those stupid people who leave their dog outside all the time chained to a tree or in a miniscule dog run; Wyatt stays inside while I'm at work and always will! He's more well-behaved than a lot of small children and some adults!

In regards to apartment communities, please explain to me how the phrase "all pets allowed" somehow means all pets except dogs over 30 lbs? There IS an option to click that says "small dogs allowed" or "large dogs allowed" but instead whoever fills out these profiles sacrificed clarity for laziness and just clicked "ALL pets allowed" when it is clearly a lie! Oh, I even found one that said, and I swear it looked exactly like this, "VERY PET FRIENDLY!" So I call. Nope, they are only VERY PET FRIENDLY! to dogs under 40 lbs.

I have been tearing my hair out in frustration. I've gone through this before and undoubtedly will do so again but for the love of all that is holy, EEGADS! GGGAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My Top 10 Jenny Songs
10. Jenny Says -- Cowboy Mouth

Catchy. That's all.

9. Jenny Gotta Dance -- Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers are classic! Everyone needs a good Bay City Rollers song.

8. Jenny Don't Be Hasty -- Paolo Nutini

I first heard this song on a Jackson Gap playlist; for the month we played that all I heard were "Jenny, stop being hasty" jokes from the staff.

7. 867-5309 (Jenny Jenny) -- Tommy Tutone

Damn you, Tommy Tutone! This song has been demoted for instigating endless jokes about my phone number. For example, this is a common conversation:
Me: Wait, you don't have my number.
Them: No, I do.
Me: *quizzical look*
Them: 867-5309! Hahahaha!
Me: *roll eyes*

6. Jenny was a Friend of Mine -- The Killers

I saw them in an old warehouse in downtown SLC before they were famous. They hadn't even released their first album yet. Ask Jessie, she was there.

5. Jenny Wren -- Paul McCartney

Bonus points for being rare. You can't find this sucker anywhere.

4. Jenny Again -- Tunng

Beautiful song.

3. Jenny -- The Mountain Goats

So Jenny isn't mentioned by name in this song at all, but I love the Mountain Goats anyway.

2. 27 Jennifers -- Mike Doughty

This counts because he goes through Jennifers, Jens and Jennys. If I recall correctly, he ends up with a Jen. It also makes me laugh because the year I was born, my two name combo (Jenny Lynn) was the most common two name girl combo for newborns. There were zillions of Jennys, Jens and Jennifers in my classes ever since.

1. Jenny -- Flight of the Conchords

Best Jenny song ever. It even has a live performance video that I will post here later.



So You Wanna Work For Obama?
Be prepared to fill out the mother of all job applications (pdf file available here.)

Here is the final page, only required by potential Cabinet members:

(Ok yeah that is satire courtesy of the bored folks at 236.com but still pretty darn accurate.)

Watch This, Sir
The folks at 23/6 were bored....

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at 236.com.
Prop 8: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You
I know, I know. Olbermann again. Whenever something worth commenting on has happened lately, I have been lazy and instead of writing my own thoughts and comments I have deferred instead to the words of Keith Olbermann. Mainly it is because whatever Special Comment of his I happen to post here happens to say more or less what I think but was written much better than I could ever hope to write it (translation: I'm lazy, a bad writer and have no time.)

The passing of Prop 8 in California only spurred one thought from me: WTF?

That is all the writing genius I could muster through my impatience with conservatives, the LDS Church, and anyone else who wants to continue to strip rights away from other people who are not like them. I respect others' beliefs and do not like to have others force their beliefs on me or anyone else.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

With those words, I give you this very heartfelt, beautfully written Special Comment by Keith Olbermann, from last night's Countdown.

Catching up: My Election Night Pics
My Election Night 2008 was spent at the Utah Democratic Party big huge celebration thinger at the Radisson Hotel in downtown SLC. Other than taking more time to get up the stairs to the actual party than it takes to get through the spaghetti bowl during rush hour, it was loads of happy happy joy joy fun. Some poor soul was trying to charge people to take their pictures with the Obama standup but by the end of the night it was such a free-for-all with the fake President-elect, he gave up. We may have not turned Utah blue this year, but with a 36% statewide Obama popular vote, we turned it a nice shade of red-purple! (If you are unfamiliar with Utah voting patterns and think 36% is not high at all, consider this: in Rachel Maddow's long-winded football metaphor for the presidential campaign last week, Utah was McCain's one yard line. ONE. Utah is so deep red it makes Arkansas and Mississippi jealous.)

Catching up: Halloween as Abby