Sundance Film Festival -- Part 1 -- Chaco the Dog

Chaco The Dog Visits Sundance The Film Festival from Audrey Hall on Vimeo.
LFM IKEA, need healer
Love it. LOVE it. Went to IKEA for my very first time today, not only that, but I did it alone. No one there to tell me to NOT buy anything. I figured out very early on that I would only be able to focus on one room per trip and more importantly, there could only be one (uno) trip per month. Any more and Jenny will be eating candles and bookshelves as food.

This month was the living room. I had all these pictures already framed in black frames with white mats, so it was easy to start out with a classic IKEA room (all black and white). It took two trips through the entire store and I still came home longing after forgotten items such as a black end table or an entire bedroom set. One step at a time young padawon.
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