In Which I Have Officially Run Out of Patience For Brewvies
Dear Losties,
At the beginning of this month, I had, what I thought was, a fabulous idea in which to celebrate the season premiere of the final season of Lost: have a huge Beginning of The End party with as many Lost nerds in Salt Lake that I could find!  A number of my co-workers and friends on Twitter are Losties so I figured I could get 20-30 people to come, making a decent sized get together. 

The idea expanded and we found out that Brewvies rents out their theaters for private functions, so I emailed Brewvies to check into the possibility of showing the premiere there.  A manager by the name of Shawn eventually emailed me back and in the ensuing email conversation, we came to an agreement where if I only had the initial head count of 20-30 people attending, he would rent us the theater for $300.  However, if I got 50 people or more, he would take $100 off the rental price, bringing it down to $200.  Divide that up between everyone and that’s a great deal for what was looking to be the largest Lost party in the area! 

Word got out, and soon I was forwarding my initial “Are You Interested?” email to local DJs and television critics, friends of friends, friends of those friends’ friends and an assortment of other people I had never met.   Fine by me, the more the merrier!   I even woke up one morning to hear the local DJs discussing my party on the radio, which started to make me worried that more people would show up than the theater could hold. 

Meanwhile, credit card in hand, I waited patiently for Shawn to email or call me to complete the reservation transaction.  As the date of the premiere was still a couple weeks off, I gave him a whole 6 days to respond to me before I started to get antsy.

On Jan 20, I called Brewvies and asked to speak to him.  I was told that he no longer worked there and had “unexpectedly left” the previous week.  I explained my situation to the guy on the phone who forwarded my call to another manager named Andrea.  She explained that she had not heard of our arrangement and Shawn had not put anything down on the calendar for that date, yet she said it “should not be a problem” and I should talk to a “Colin” who had taken over Shawn’s duties in the interim.  Colin would be in later, she said, and I gave her my name and phone number with instructions for him to call me ASAP.

After hearing nothing, I called back mid afternoon the next day (Jan 21).  Colin was in a meeting, did I want to leave a message?  YES PLEASE.  They would have him call me.  Well, I am not a patient soul and after only a couple hours of more waiting, I called back and FINALLY got ahold of the mythical “Colin”.  He confirmed that Shawn had not told anyone about our arrangement nor written anything on the calendar, yet it should “not be a problem.”  I asked Colin for his email address, which he gave reluctantly, to which to forward my entire conversation with Shawn. After getting off the phone (it was a mere two minute conversation), I immediately forwarded my entire Gmail conversation with Shawn to Colin.

24 hours later, I had not yet heard back, not even a confirmation that he had received the email and was looking it over.  Nothing.  So I emailed him again.  Later that afternoon, I received the following response (the misspellings are his):


The problem I am having is that the current films at Brewvies are doing blockbuster business, which was not true whne Shawn origionally spoke to you.

Cancelling prime time shows could breach our contract with the film companies. I will need to evaluate the business level with our new films and also see what films we are picking up that week before I can give you a firm answer. Please allow me to respond on Monday.

Thank you,

Colin Stevens
Cinemapub, L.L.C.
923 E. Executive Park Drive Ste. B
Murray, UT 84117

Well, yesterday was Monday and it was also a week and one day before the Feb 2 premiere.  I waited until the evening to send the following email:

Hey Colin,

Have you made a decision yet?

Thanks again!

As of right now, Tuesday January 26, 2010 at 1:10 pm, exactly twenty days after I initially contacted Brewvies about potentially bringing them a large number of paying customers, I still do not have my answer.  I feel as if I have been attempting to secure a work Visa to Tehran instead of trying to rent a small theater in Salt Lake City which actually markets theater rentals on its website (

There will still be a Beginning of The End party on Feb 2 from 7-10 pm in Salt Lake City, but it will not be at Brewvies.  If anyone wants to offer up their house and television in exchange for one night of Lost nerds getting their geek on, shoot me an email at, on Twitter at @jennyinSLUT or call or text me at 801-228-8225.


UPDATE:  As of Wednesday January 27 at 1:32 pm, I still have not heard back from Brewvies. 

UPDATE 2:  As of Monday, February 2 at 3:41 pm, I still have no heard from Brewvies and now don't plan on ever getting an answer.  I attempted to call today but was told that Collin was out and would be back in later.  I didn't even bother leaving a message.
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EVE SLC 2010

Top 2 pictures courtesy of @JalenJade, lower picture borrowed from @eveslc by David Newkirk

For anyone who was not there, we shot a 15 minute show in just over 2 minutes.  We were supposed to do it in 90 seconds, but Chuck couldn't shoot everything that fast.  Either way, that was a hell of a lot of fireworks going off at once (resulting in almost the entire crew having migraines today).  My ears are still ringing.  I will add pictures of our site and view of the Gallivan Center I took from my Blackberry later.  Happy New Year!
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