Apartment hunting with pets over 30 lbs sucks.
I really, really hate looking for an apartment. I have a cat and a 75 lb black lab mix dog and it is pretty damn near impossible to find a liveable apartment on the east side of town that has working plumbing and fully intact walls while not charging an arm and a leg for deposits and rent. Seriously, what the hell? I hate this. I have gone through this numerous times since I moved out of the dorms six years ago and after I got Wyatt it got multiple times worse. Yeah, he's 75 pounds and a mix of black lab and something and a previously abused rescue who everyone loves but is he allowed in an apartment? Noooooooooooooo. He's been in apartments with me since I first got him, he doesn't need a yard! Why is this hard to comprehend that large dogs don't need their own freakin yard? I'm not one of those stupid people who leave their dog outside all the time chained to a tree or in a miniscule dog run; Wyatt stays inside while I'm at work and always will! He's more well-behaved than a lot of small children and some adults!

In regards to apartment communities, please explain to me how the phrase "all pets allowed" somehow means all pets except dogs over 30 lbs? There IS an option to click that says "small dogs allowed" or "large dogs allowed" but instead whoever fills out these profiles sacrificed clarity for laziness and just clicked "ALL pets allowed" when it is clearly a lie! Oh, I even found one that said, and I swear it looked exactly like this, "VERY PET FRIENDLY!" So I call. Nope, they are only VERY PET FRIENDLY! to dogs under 40 lbs.

I have been tearing my hair out in frustration. I've gone through this before and undoubtedly will do so again but for the love of all that is holy, EEGADS! GGGAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. TaynJack Says:

    Yeah that totally sucks. When we got our rental house we didn't have a dog, but we were told that it had to be a small dog. Luckily Lady is small, so we didn't have any problem. Good luck!