Wildlife of Florida: An Observation
The wildlife of Florida are extremely different from the wildlife of Utah and Wyoming. That is my observation. I'm used to seeing moose, deer, rabbits, ravens that could pick up small dogs, even random bears. Florida does not have these. Florida has peacock crossings, manatee areas and shark sightings. Amphibians run rampant. Turkey vultures chase you to your car (yes, turkey vultures.) The "Sea Pest" over the weekend was Man o'War. Apparently they swim in swarms and have the power to close down entire beaches....In fact, there is so much wildlife running amuck that I was shocked to see not one item of roadkill. (I swear Utahns stalk deer and purposely run them down in their cars. At least in Summit County.)

<------Exhibit A: Mystery Wildlife
I assume it is some sort of aquatic species, what with having a tail and all, but what exactly is it? Was it right side up or upside down? Was it dead or just mostly dead?
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