Impulsive Hair Chopping

Remember that Lost print I wanted?
I got the last one.  It finally came home today after being framed in a handmade, custom frame by the artist's husband.  See previous post in which I lust and drool after it here.
I really enjoy the original version of this song and wanted to share this even better version!

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To Vegas! For Jon Stewart!

Jon Stewart did standup at The Mirage (where Alan works) over the weekend, and as an early birthday present to myself (it will be my only present to myself this year), I packed up Wyatt and roadied down to Vegas.  We stayed at Alan and Warren's newly finished Italian villa in Henderson (seriously, it's an Italian villa) and Wyatt got to hang out with his spastic cousin, Lucy.  She loooooooves him whereas he hates puppies, but they are good buddies.  Warren and I bought new dresses, Lucy puked on the carpet, we took the dogs and did the tourist picture thing, got all dressed up and went out to The Blue Martini (which had a KILLER cover band, that's them on top of the bar in the first picture), and got to listen to Jon Stewart rant about politics and life in general on top of doing a perfect imitation of a puking dog.  Great fun was had by all!  Jon is f-ing hilarious, seriously, especially when he is angry and uncensored.  It was so fun to see him perform.  I still hate Vegas, though.
Sundance Egyptian Theater on the Last Day
It was taken with my Blackberry so it's not the greatest picture.  I have no desire to blog Sundance details other than the fact that our crew is awesome, passholders are crazy and we got MORE snow on the first weekend than DC got during their recent "Snowpocalypse" and we managed just fine.  DC = pansies.  Granted, I was snowbound in Park City for 3 days, but the festival went on! 
Now THIS is a science manual cover!

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Wyatt The Snow Dog
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