Catching up: My Election Night Pics
My Election Night 2008 was spent at the Utah Democratic Party big huge celebration thinger at the Radisson Hotel in downtown SLC. Other than taking more time to get up the stairs to the actual party than it takes to get through the spaghetti bowl during rush hour, it was loads of happy happy joy joy fun. Some poor soul was trying to charge people to take their pictures with the Obama standup but by the end of the night it was such a free-for-all with the fake President-elect, he gave up. We may have not turned Utah blue this year, but with a 36% statewide Obama popular vote, we turned it a nice shade of red-purple! (If you are unfamiliar with Utah voting patterns and think 36% is not high at all, consider this: in Rachel Maddow's long-winded football metaphor for the presidential campaign last week, Utah was McCain's one yard line. ONE. Utah is so deep red it makes Arkansas and Mississippi jealous.)

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