Deep Thoughts
It is easier for me to blog in my head than it is to type it out, in understandable and grammatically correct English, in a form that flows and allows others to know what I am thinking. There have been many times where an insightful, witty, verbose blog on a random topic has rambled through my head as I was cleaning the toilet, only to be enjoyed by neighboring neurons and perhaps the toilet brush. In an effort to improve my rapidly declining writing ability (sequencing DNA every day does not lend much in the way of creative writing), I am forcing my mental blogs out. They will, most certainly, sound odd, strange, stupid or even wrong. Hopefully they will get better with with my ability to converse verbally with people not currently in Azeroth.

A Deep Thought (or observation, rather)
When shopping for shoes, it is wise to not try on the most expensive and elaborate shoes first. This is especially true when shopping for running shoes or hiking boots. While comfort may not be at the top of the list of requirements for, say, Manolo Blahniks, that is the main point of athletic shoes. Sure I can run in my high heeled boots, maybe even hike, but every muscle, ligament and tendon in my lower extremities will declare war shortly thereafter; if I make it down the mountain without killing myself first. Comfort is very important. So of course, the more expensive these shoes are, the more likely they are to be very comfortable. It is best for your wallet if you do not start with the Merrells and Keens and work your way down to the Columbias and Aspens. After trying on those $110 Merrell hiking boots that not only look good on, but also have more tread than my snowtires and are more comfortable than my flipflops(!), nothing else can even compare. Everything else is just going to seem extra tight, more uncomfortable and not nearly as cool looking. Starting with Merrells just screws you over. I mention this because recently I was dumb enough to do just that. What did I get for it? A kick ass pair of new hiking boots that could get me up unplowed Teton Pass faster than a SnowCat and a very noticible $90 deficit in my budget (they were on sale). I'm wearing them. I love them.