To Philly, My Second Love
(The first being Jackson)

On Thursday I head to Philadelphia for the long-anticipated wedding of one of my former college roommates and best friends. Dave is a good guy, he was the rock of our apartments and the one who held us all together when the shit hit the proverbial fan. I fell in love with Philly the first time I went there to visit him after we graduated. It has all the charm of a big eastern city but none of that New York City smell (ew), plus totally random sculptures of random things thrown randomly throughout the city to boot! (They are random.) I knew I liked this city when I came up the escalator from the subway and saw this:

Hellllllooo random. There are also huge Monopoly and Sorry pieces, a broken button and mosaic walls everywhere, but my favorite is still the classic LOVE statue.

Random True Fact: That is the last picture I took with a non-digital camera...after this pic, we visited Washington Square (which was built on top of a graveyard of victims of yellow fever) and my camera spazzed out (took 4 or 5 pics by itself, rewound, took more pictures, started smoking.) Personally, I think it was the pissed off spirits.

The wedding is on Saturday, so I will have a good 2.5 days of wandering around The City of Brotherly Love by myself (which is my favorite way to travel and experience things...kamikaze adventuring, hence the title of this blog.) I definitely have to hit my favorites: Pat's King of Steaks (wit Whiz yo), the Rodin Museum and The Mutter Museum (which is the Greatest. Museum. Ever.) I also have to add Star Trek: The Exhibition to my itinerary as it is currently at the Franklin Institute of Science (they have a lifesize model of the bridge of the Enterprise D!) *Insert geeked out digression here*

I could definitely live in Philly. Graduate school, maybe? Hmmmmm...
2 Responses
  1. Sounds like you have a pretty great itinerary planned for yourself. I just saw the Star Trek exhibit myself --paired with the concurrent Galileo exhibit, you learn a lot about space!

    I hope you come back for grad school, too.

    Just for fun, here's a page on public art on our web site:

    Have a blast!

  2. Marissa Says:

    I lived in Philly for a year before coming to Utah. Lately I've really been wanting to go back! I like the Rodin museum too. I've never heard of the Mutter Museum though. And there's a really pretty walk/trail thingy behind the Art Museum. Hope you have a great time!