"Protecting her from burning up in a little blaze of bad luck"
The opening of Cassandra Barney's new show "24 Little Tin Paintings" was last Friday at Kayo Gallery in SLC and I finally got to see in person the first (and probably) only original, unique painting that I have ever purchased. All of her paintings were divine. I am no artist, but with artist sisters I kinda know some terminology like oil paints vs acrylic paints and varnish and lacquer, but that's about the extent of my knowledge so don't make fun of me. :-) Cassi did this thing with all the paintings to make the paint crack and look old that I thought was a wonderful touch. I had two other favorites other than mine, the honeybee and the full length woman dressed in all white with blue and gray accents.

Cassi was such a dear during the show, she (rather Dan Barney) took pictures of all the people who inspired each painting and she explained the meaning and symbolism to everyone. Mine was a bit obvious: achieving a balance between fire and water with me perfectly in the middle of those two elements. The flower in the right corner is a passion flower that represents my true passions in life.

She posted more pics and details on her blog here. If you are in the neighborhood, swing by and check it out. Show and gallery information is below.

"24 Little Tin Paintings" by Cassandra Barney

Kayo Gallery

177 E. 300 S. (Broadway)

Salt Lake City, UT

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

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