Random Pictures from Philly
I am back from Philadelphia as of 5 hours ago, Dave and Sue are happily married, my dog is thrilled to be back home and my photos are uploaded. I didn't take as many as I normally do, I just wasn't in the mood for much random photography this time around. I was more into wandering around Center City all weekend. Got some good stories to show for it too!

Love Park, my favorite park based on a sculpture.

Random giant board game pieces in the middle of downtown....so random.

By the way, I did finally make it over to Star Trek: The Exhibition at The Franklin Institute of Science. I did have some major issues getting into and out of the exhibit that put me in a sour mood (a couple of the security guards got earfuls from me), but walking onto the actual bridge of the Enterprise D (from Star Trek:The Next Generation for you non-geeks) made me ecstatically happy. I had to touch every panel, sit in every station, walk down the ramp from Worf's station to Data's station and pull The Picard Maneuver (not the Stargazer battle tactic, the other one) and stand in front of the view screen and imagine that it displayed a Borg cube or a wormhole or a paradox. Yes, I fully admit I did that. I was as happy as a kid in a candy shop. (BTW, Wil...they didn't have your Lt Cmdr Crusher video working. I should write a strongly worded letter.) So, the picture below is total contraband but yes, I am sitting in Captain Picard's chair. 'Nuff said.

This is the amazing house where Dave and Sue had the wedding reception. This is their YARD. It's green! Amazing what temperate climates do for plants, eh?

The happy bride (Sue) and groom (Dave)! Both were very excited and well behaved while holding cake. I am so happy they found each other. They are perfect together and Sue can keep him in line!

Me and Dave, 10 years after we first met, him happily married, me happily not. Well, Mr. David Sterling Francis Michael Maynard (that really is his full name, at least that's what he says), congratulations. I am so glad I was able to be there. It really was very Dave-like of you to get married on D-Day to another history geek. Mazal tof!

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  1. Tay Says:

    I really didn't fully appreciate the whole Star Trek adventure (because I hate S.T.), but I will make sure that Brian reads this post. He will not only appreciate it, but maybe be a little envious. We shall see.