DNC 2008
Good news! Even though I tried everything to get to the Democratic National Convention in Denver and failed miserably, my friend Renelle was tapped at the last minute to volunteer with Studio 08 (formerly the Democratic News Service). Renelle is a fellow Obama-phile and current Park Ranger in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park with an addiction to exotic chocolate; but this week she will be "greeting senators/governors/Obama's people/etc. as they come in for interviews... running all over the stadium tracking down those same people if they're late for the interviews and politely (but forcefully) shepherding them into the studio." Perhaps we should lend her our shepherd's staff from Sundance 08 (according to McCain, Obama IS one of the biggest celebrities in the world so it should work the same eh?)

She has already run into Anderson Cooper and a whole slew of other anchors, but her goal is to meet Chris Matthews and MY goal for her is to meet Keith Olbermann for me. They are co-anchoring MSNBC's "The Place For Politics" coverage of the DNC every night this week starting at 7pm EST, so that should kill two birds with one stone! The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is also there all week running amuck through the streets of Denver. Wish I was there!
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  1. TaynJack Says:

    Can u believe we use to watch good ol' Anderson Cooper on Channel 1. I for one definatly thinks that he dyes his hair to look older!