I have to do HOW many pushups?
To join the FBI, you have to jump through a series of hurdles. Flaming, 10 ft tall hurdles. Not the least of which is the fabulous Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Requirements of this test are pretty standard....for Navy SEALS. In all my horrific years of high school P.E., I was never once taught how to do a standard pushup. Those were for the guys. Girls got to do the "wussy" knee pushups. This has presented a conundrum of sorts, as at the age of 27, I STILL cannot do a standard pushup.

This is now a huge problem, because in order to score the minimum of 1 point in the pushup category, I have to do 14. FOURTEEN! WTF??? High school PE was a TOTAL waste of time. Why were they having us play table tennis when we could have been learning real life skills, like Navy SEAL standard pushups?
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