Jenny's Adventures
Back in college, a verbal history was started entitled "Jenny's Adventures." By the end of 4 years at the University of Utah, Jenny's Adventures had somewhere around 20+ chapters, many with co-authors, footnotes, subtitles and references. When I joined the real working world, Jenny's Adventures was left by the wayside and forgotten. Then I started a blog, mainly for pure kicks and giggles, but starting the blog reminded me of those Adventures...and oh, what adventures they were. There was the vulture and the schmuck, the endless parade of oddball roommates, and the autopsy stench that would never leave.

Even though it has only been 5 years since I graduated, I have forgotten most of my stories and adventures. It makes me sad to realize that I can forget so much in such a short period. At this rate, what am I going to remember when I'm 70 or 80? Who besides me cares, anyway? So I am blogging mainly for myself and my own sanity, but also anyone who knows me knows well enough that I love to tell stories. That is how Jenny's Adventures started in the first place. Now I call it Kamikaze Adventuring.....because galavanting into Feralas as a level 20 is a BAD IDEA.
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