Random Adventure #3639: Colbert Report Audience in NYC

Click here for the entire episode that Dave and I attended (this past Tuesday, Sept 29). I was in NYC for all of 18 hours, mainly due to my work being insane right now and not being able to take any more time off. I Jetblued it from SLC to JFK, arriving Tuesday morning @ 6am, took the subway to midtown (fell asleep enroute, almost missing my stop), found a Starbucks (which was abnormally difficult), walked to our prearranged meeting place (the Borders between Penn Station and Madison Square Garden) and was promptly deluged by finches and pigeons. After an hour of waiting for David with him not answering texts or phonecalls, I texted his wife, asking if she knew where her husband was. She replied "He's looking for you! He left his phone at home! He just called from Penn Station!" It took another 15 minutes or so for us to finally find each other; apparently we had been passing each other for over an hour! WTF. I didn't think I was THAT blind. Well, there are thousands of people running around the streets of NYC at 9am and I was admittedly not awake, so the fault should point in my direction.

We spent the rest of the day lollygagging around the Midtown/Hell's Kitchen area, hitting four separate bookstores, eating a delightful brunch of famous hot dogs at Grey's Papaya and enjoying the aura of being in The City. We eventually made it up to Central Park then came back down past 30 Rock (Hi Keith!). I believe I found the greatest homemade macaroni and cheese ever at a place in Midtown called Burger Heaven. They bake cornflakes on top like funeral potatoes!

We made our way over to the Colbert Report studio and stood in line for a couple hours with 80 other member of the Colbert Nation. To get into the studio, we had to go through security that was more stringent than the airport. They had this walkthrough metal detector that seriously was picking up people's fillings. They kept all 86 of us backstage for a stinkin' long time; I felt like cattle herded into a pen. After they finally released us into the studio, we were placed in certain seats by the stage manager. Dave and I were put on the back row next to the EXIT sign above the hallway where everyone comes out. I was staring down onto Stephen's head thinking "His hair is sure growing back well."

Anyway, check out the episode. It was even more hilarious in the studio! Colbert FTW!

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