Hiking The Subway

As I have never been one to turn down a good adventure (especially a free one), I joined a bunch of tweeps last weekend for a hike through a slot canyon in Zion NP known as "The Subway". My pictures weren't nearly as good as our "trip photog" Jeremiah's, so here are a few of his. Mine are posted on my Flickr page as well as links to more of his in my galleries. The hike took us approx 10 hours to hike in and out and in that 10 hours we experienced:

  • scenic red rock vistas
  • straight vertical climbs and descents
  • rappelling
  • swimming through frigid water
  • wading through frigid water
  • sliding through frigid water
  • a hell of a lot of bouldering
  • losing the trail
  • finding the trail
  • losing the trail again
  • a late afternoon thunderstorm during flash flood season
  • many entertaining stories from our guide, Super Firefighter Jim J.
  • an impressive amount of swear words from the more conservative in the group
  • discovering that Jenny has issues with gravity
  • and many more thoroughly painful and entertaining adventures.

2 Responses
  1. Tay Says:

    So pretty! If it wasn't for the shear rock cliffs, etc, that might be something that I would be tempted to do! Alas, I think I will live vicariously through you!

  2. Heather Says:

    Love the photos. Makes me almost want to hike that.