Shame On (Insert Random Company Name Here)
These guys have been camped outside my work for the last week and a half. This company is well known in the SLC area, as they have protested pretty much every company within a 50 mile radius for "labor disputes". These disputes are always three or four degrees removed from the actual company named on the banner, but the smaller companies do not have the name recognition of the larger company, so they lump it all under one name. Usually if you ask these professional protestors what they are protesting, they will A. not speak English, B. not have any idea WHAT they are protesting and C. just hand you a flyer.

So, apparently our story is that the construction company that is building our new building contracted with a bunch of subcontractors for stuff like drywall, electrical wiring, etc and one of those drywall subcontractors sub-contracted out their work to somebody else who is apparently not paying their employees health benefits. Did you get all that? Oh, and lets not forget to mention that they are NOWHERE NEAR the drywalling stage of construction yet. In fact, they only finished pouring the foundation last week, so these guys can bugger off.

2 Responses
  1. Yvette Says:

    That is so lame! At first, I thought maybe the labor dispute was that employees weren't allowed to put a coffee maker in the break room or something....

  2. Tay Says:

    I remember those signs from when we lived in Utah! Sorry its not a real dispute. I am sure you have always wanted to picket. :)