BODY WORLDS 3 @ The Leonardo

The Body Worlds 3 exhibition in Salt Lake City officially opened to the public today and I wanted to spread the word about how amazing this exhibit is. It is such a stroke of luck that The Leonardo here in Salt Lake City was able to score a showing of Body Worlds and everyone (who can handle it, that is) should take the time over the next 4 months to come see it. Check out The Leonardo's website here for hours and prices. This exhibition will be here until early January, but don't put it off until the last weekend. If you go, come visit me! I work there most nights after my real work.

Picture of "Skin Man" © Institute for Plastination & Dr. Gunter Van Hagens
2 Responses
  1. TaynJack Says:

    Do you remember in high school when my chem class went with your class to the cadaver lab? Do you remember how I almost passed out? Yeah, they were here in ABQ a few months ago and I thought it best if neither my husband or I try going...although it would be fun to see who could stay upright the longest!

  2. Marissa Says:

    I've heard about that exhibit - it looks pretty cool. I don't know if I could actually stomach it, but if I still lived in Salt Lake I would totally go so that we could hang out...