Moving With Jenny!
Moving With Jenny entails the following events:

1. Snow, rain, sleet or hail

2. Playing Jenga with IKEA furniture

3. Breaking at least one thing on at least one piece of furniture

4. A massive sense of guilt for not yet paying up on my last "please help me move and I will make you **insert food object here**" bribe

5. At least one helper cursing me out for owning "so many *bleeping* books"

6. Real life experiences of the following clips, with every line quoted

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3 Responses
  1. Tay Says:

    Did you move you of your cute little house?

  2. jenny l p Says:

    Not technically. My landlord wanted to move *back* into my side of the house (she lived there before she moved in with her BF), so she didn't renew my lease. I am now in the back, smaller apartment in the same house. I just moved in today, am completely exhausted because I did the majority of the move myself and I have a *lot* of stuff. I am sad and miss my totally awesome home. This new one is cute but not as cute and about half the size (and half the price too, so that's a plus).
    RIP Jenny's perfect former home :-(