Rachel Re: Correcting the Record on Race
Last Thursday, Rachel Maddow had her long-time sparring partner, Pat Buchanan, on her show to discuss the SCOTUS confirmation hearings of Judge Sotomayor. Now Pat and Rachel are ideological polar opposites, however both are well-spoken, smart and love a good debate; hence why he ends up on Rachel's show so damn much. Usually he is treated as sort of the "crazy uncle" of MSNBC, the one who gets drunk at Thanksgiving and goes all hate-monger racist even before the pie is served. Well, this time Pat went overboard...so much so that even smooth-tempered, logical, gets-along-with-everyone Rachel came back three days later with a "Yeah, what he said? Not true. Totally not true. Here's loads of proof. Sorry Pat, but you are WRONG."

Here is the original debate that caused all the hubris for context:

Here is tonight's Rachel Re: response that she obviously spent all weekend thinking about:

Ms. Maddow, you done good.
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