Sundance Film Festival 2009

Here we go again. Grumpy crowds, namedropping celebrity stalkers, mean publicists, gawking teenage girls, snooty movie stars and bizarre foreign films about gay zombies. Wait, gay zombies are so last year. NAZI zombies are the new thing! (Oh goody.)

I'm back at the Egyptian Theater on Main Street, probably THE best place for people-watching in the entire area. Everyone has been asking me which movies I am looking forward to seeing, so my top films so far are:

1. Sergio (US Documentary)

2. Reporter (US Documentary)

3. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (US Drama, directed by John Krasinski of The Office)

4. Spring Breakdown (Sundance @ Midnight, with Amy Poehler and Will Arnett)

5. Kimjongilia (World Documentary)

6. Taking Chance (US Drama)

7. I Love You Phillip Morris (Premiere)

Check back for more updates from Sundance 2009!

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