WTF is up with my office plant?

4 Responses
  1. Yvette Says:

    Is there by chance a window to the left of that photo? The plant could be leaning toward solar food.

    Or it could just be bored with your cubicle. Get a toy or something to cheer up your plant!

  2. jenny l p Says:

    Nope, see here's the thing: the windows are on the right side of the plant. So this is not phototropism, it is photophobia?

    I turned the plant the other way last night and came in today to see that it was sufficiently confused as to which direction to point. I will post a pic later.

  3. TaynJack Says:

    I will ask my resident plant expert...

  4. TaynJack Says:

    My Resident Plant Expert says, "I have no idea". We paid tuition for what!?! Hope it helps!!:cP