Tis the Season -- Part 1: T-Ville & WestFest
I firmly believe that either this pyro season is cursed or that I have, in some way, offended the Pyro God. That is the only plausible explanation for the sequence of events that unfolded in the past two weeks...except for the eternal excuses of shit happens and Murphy is here to stay.

I posted the only pictures I actually took of this season thus far in a previous post (see below), but have found a wealth of pictures of our shows on the KSL.com Picture Gallery website. If they had photographer names posted, I will associate their names with their pictures. I am not stealing their work, I'm giving them free publicity! :-)

These two pictures are from WestFest, taken by a Scott Strohl (who we apparently need to hire as a staff photographer). I love these pictures, especially the one with the glow sticks. Very nicely done.
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