The first problem with 100 Things arises
I have a large book collection. I love my books. I refuse to give any of them up.

In the Time article, a woman is mentioned who although has whittled her shoe collection down from 36 pairs to 20, still counts her entire collection as ONE item. That could be classified as cheating (because it is), but it makes me aware that everyone who has the guts to undertake this Challenge is different. She could very easily give up all her books but refuse to part with her shoes, so the question is, can this apply to me? The 100 Thing Challenge is not a race, nor is it a set of pre-agreed upon commandments that everyone must follow exactly. It is just a way to unload extra baggage and persue the difficult goal of self-minimization (is that a word?)

The following items have so far been cut from the team, eliminated, voted off the island, not given a rose or have to take off their jackets and leave Hell's Kitchen:

  • 19" flat screen behemoth of a computer monitor (I got a flat panel)--DI
  • one IKEA floor lamp (I have two and have ever only used one)--sell?
  • one tall glass orchid vase (nothing fits in there)--DI
  • at least two messenger bags (I have a lot)--DI
  • all of Wyatt's toys without a squeeker--garbage

I haven't gone through my clothes yet but I will post that elimination list when I get to it.

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